Manufacturer and Exporter of 100% Pure Essential oils

Seeded by nature.

Since our inception the primary objective of Ozone has been to passionately work towards the creation of a nature friendly environment. Ozone Perfumers is well known across the perfumery industry as a company true to its authenticity and values with every step marked by creativity and innovation.

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100% Pure & Natural

These are natural products obtained from processes like Hydrodistillation, Steam distillation and Solvent Extraction by solvents. These products are absolutely untouched and physically unaltered. These products are absolutely untouched & physically unaltered.

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These are recreated naturals using natural ingredients, chemical ingredients and in house bases to obtain consistency and stability.

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Perfumery Base

These products are created using synthetic raw materials to enable the customer to create a unique perfumery compound or a fragrance.

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Ozone Perfumers

We constantly innovate, control quality and keep in line with changing trends and demands of the industry to stay on top of the essential world. Every product from Ozone Perfumers is a result of gauging consumer preferences,

Impeccable Standards

To ensure the delivery of high quality products and services that are cost-effective, safe and sustainable. We must be focused and agile in adapting to customer’s needs and consumer’s preferences.


Clients That Trust

At Ozone Perfumers quality is not only a check but a commitment. It has got a research and innovation centre to match the best in the country. Our core focus and strength is our quality with no compromise and zero tolerance as each and every input is thoroughly tested before sending it to the shop floor and outside the factory premises